Do You Have A Fit Club At Work?

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Office Fit Club
Coworkers are a great resource to help us reach our personal fitness goals. Getting together as a group during lunch breaks or after work makes exercising a social event. Office fit clubs bring colleagues closer together and contribute to great company culture. You’ll begin to relate to each other outside of your usual work routine and motivate each other to live a healthier lifestyle. A fit club can be as simple as brisk walks around the office, meeting at a health club for scheduled workouts, or simply dieting as a group. Getting a fit club started is pretty easy; recruit colleagues though email, and post flyers in break rooms, elevators, and bathrooms. Once coworkers are interested, decide where the fit club will meet and set a schedule. If the fit club will meet outside of work, discuss group yoga, aerobics, or Zumba classes. Call or visit your local fitness center or gym for a full list of what’s available and schedules. You should also inquire about group discounts if you have a large amount of interest in the office.

Many office departments dedicate a specific time during the workday for colleagues to de-stress with some exercise. Work together to organize a convenient time for the group to meet daily. If you work on a large campus or in a office building, map out a walking route that can be extended over time. Meet at a safe and designated area, and use sidewalks, walkways or hallways to get in your steps. Depending on the buildings layout, you might be able to include stairways to make the routine even more challenging. Use devices to track distances, calories, and progress over time. You’ll be surprised how much walking you can do over a full work week.

Set Goals & Celebrate Success

Work together to meet your predetermined group or personal fitness goals. Celebrate your successes with one another and store them in a log or app. Document all the fun with photos and share them on your corporate blog. It will be exciting to look back and review the progress.

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

Your fit club can also share healthy lunches and snacks during work. It’s a great way to promote healthier eating habits with your club and other colleagues. Studies show that doing these type of clubs at work brings an increased accountability that is otherwise lacking when people only diet at home. Replace the usual sodas, candy and cookies with healthier choices and share recipes that can be enjoyed at home. Fit clubs are a great way to get together, get fit, and create a healthier work environment. Start one at your office today!

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The Impact of Sustainable Products

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Sustainable Products
Have you ever wondered how the products you choose impact the environment? Getting familiar with the many details can be overwhelming for anyone. Private organizations have formed to educate consumers and help improve environmental standards. Companies who produce consumer goods need to consider the entire environmental impact of their products; from the farming of raw materials, product distribution, and consumer disposal. Every product that is purchased may have an adverse environmental, and social impact during its lifecycle.

Knowledge Is Power

Some of the organizations that certify consumer products for their environmental friendliness include Energy Star, Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance, The Forest Stewardship Council, and The Green Electronics Council. Each of these organizations require that environmental and social standards are met, and perform audits regularly. Buying sustainable products supports companies who are committed to recycling, energy efficiency, reducing pollution, and product biodegradability. Get to know ecolabels found on products in the U.S by visiting the Ecolabel index, it’s the largest directory of detailed ecolabel information.

Supporting the continued development of sustainable products will elevate responsible consumer consumption. Living sustainably will lower your carbon footprint and improve the entire supply chain by reducing energy use, protecting valuable ecosystems, and reducing pollution. You can become an advocate for sustainability by making responsible choices in the products you choose for yourself and your family.

  1. Avoid products with excessive packaging.
  2. Buy products with certified Eco labels.
  3. Use products made from recycled materials.
  4. Buy environmentally friendly cleaners.
  5. Use products that are biodegradable.
  6. Buy products that use less water.
  7. Buy products that reduce energy consumption.

Share the positive aspects of sustainability with your friends, coworkers, and family members. By educating one another, and changing our buying habits, we’re ensuring important environmental standards are met by manufacturers. It’s a green lifestyle that will create a cleaner planet for everyone to enjoy.

Corporate Coffee Systems offers many sustainable refreshment solutions for your office, for more information visit our website or contact us for more information.

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Compostable Products At The Office

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Compostable Products At The Office
There are many ways to reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint at the office. Many of the items you and your co-workers consider trash may be compostable. Composting is the natural process of converting organic rich waste such as vegetable scraps, coffee, dried leaves, grass, and shredded paper into a rich soil. 40 percent of the food that is produced in the U.S never gets eaten. Most of that waste ends up in landfills, and contributes to 16 percent of methane gas emissions. Composting at the office will be a positive addition to your company culture and can help you reach your sustainability goals. Your compost will not only reduce waste and grow healthier plants, it also improves drought tolerance, and reduces soil erosion. Getting to know the composting process and what items are acceptable for a composting bin is the best way to start a program.

What Items Are Compostable At The Office?

It’s important to understand that composting is very different from recycling. Getting familiar with a list of common items is a great starting point. The most acceptable items you can add to your bin are food scraps such as fruits and vegetables. Coffee grounds, compostable coffee pods, paper coffee filters, tea bags, dried flowers, leaves, dried plants, and select paper or cardboard are also acceptable. Switching to Eco-Friendly break room supplies such as compostable hot cups and cold cups from Emerald Brand is also a smart addition to your composting program.

How Do You Store Compost?

In order to start a composting program you will need a designated bin to store all the compostable waste. A “composting bin” can be as simple as a durable plastic container or trash can. Choosing a composting bin that is easy to recognize will contribute to employee participation and the success of your program. Creating signage that includes a list of compostable items is also a great way to educate and get co-workers to participate around the office.

If you are not storing the compost on-site you can work with your local waste services company to schedule removal and pickup dates. Be sure to conduct a waste audit and identify the type of waste you will be composting, and the volume.

During the beginning of your program, it’s important to prevent contamination by keeping track of what’s being placed in your composting bins. Choose a compost leader to help manage the program, and monitor its success. Follow up with co-workers and always celebrate when you reach your composting goals; it’s a great way to encourage everyone to participate and ensure it’s successful.

Corporate Coffee Systems offers many sustainable solutions and compostable products for your office. Visit our website or contact us today for more information, (800) 284-CORP

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The Facts About Organic, Fair Trade, and The Rainforest Alliance

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Organic, Fair Trade

Why Buy Organic?

Organic products have become a major part of the American food and beverage industry. Many organic coffee products on the market today greatly appeal to health conscious individuals who avoid products that use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic coffee is free from harmful chemicals, and is generally healthier for you. When farmers eliminate the use of the chemicals during coffee production, they avoid the environmental risk of pollution, and negatively impacting local wildlife.

Most of the organic coffee on the market today is naturally grown within the shade of lush forests. These forested coffee farms provide homes to important wild plants and animals that keep these fragile ecosystems alive. In the 1970’s coffee farmers successfully developed full sun coffee farming techniques, and quickly began deforesting areas and planting full sun coffee crops that would produce higher yields and profits. This practice has caused many environmental side effects including water pollution within local surrounding communities.

Organic coffee drinkers are not only advocates for their own health, but also indirectly support natural farming practices that are healthier for the environment.

What Is Fair Trade & The Rainforest Alliance?

Fair trade USA was created to help protect small-scale coffee farmers from middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at a fraction of its market value. It also guarantees coffee farmers a minimum price for their coffee harvest, and connects them directly with global importers. Building ongoing ethical relationships between farmers and coffee importers promotes sustainability within all aspects of the industry. Since Fair Trade USA was formed, coffee farmers now earn better incomes, and enthusiastically invest in the quality of their product.

The Rainforest Alliance is an organization that works to improve the health and livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities. Coffee farms that earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, undergo a rigorous annual audit to ensure that all specific environmental, social and economic criteria are met. All the certification criteria focuses on protecting the environment, and improving the incomes of coffee farmers worldwide. Rainforest Alliance certification also helps to establish respect for local communities by promoting decent wages, working conditions, gender equality, and access to education for the children of the community.

On Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms, crops grow in constant harmony with the natural surroundings; soil remains healthy, local waterways are protected, trash is recycled, and wildlife thrives in a healthy eco-system. By supporting certified coffee farmers, your helping educate communities and protect the lands that need to remain a source of income for future generations.

The $100 billion dollar US coffee industry must embrace the environmental, and social guidelines that have been established by organic farming, fair trade, and The Rainforest Alliance. These standards ensure participating coffee farms, their communities, and the product they produce are sustainable. Support Organic farming, fair trade, and The Rainforest Alliance. Your beloved beverage will taste a little better knowing it was made responsibly…

Corporate Coffee Systems delivers a wide variety of organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee to offices in New York. For more information visit our website or contact us today.

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Great Work Culture

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Great Work Culture
The path to great company culture starts with its people, and can be naturally achieved through many different factors. Organizations outline their company’s purpose with specific values, and guidelines. These values instill a purpose and clearly state how a company plans to interact with the public, and ultimately with one another. You won’t achieve a coherent company culture without people who share or are able to embrace those values over time.

Share Your Story:
Every company has a history or story on how it got started. That unique story is what your people can relate to as a source of inspiration. Sharing that with new hires and the public will highlight the company’s vision and become an element of culture creation.

Tailor Your Office Environment:
A companies environment definitely contributes to its culture. The layout and design of your office plays a role in how it operates. Some companies have embraced the idea of an open floor plan in order to promote collaborative office behaviors. Companies have also experimented with designated quiet areas, cafe spaces, and atriums to encourage social interaction.

Encourage Innovation & Great Ideas:
Over time, employees lose sight of the big picture by getting bogged down with their day-to-day tasks. This only will create a environment where employees simply do their job and clock out at the end of the day. Employees prefer to have a voice within their company and an impact on its direction. Companies establish a great culture where great ideas, and employee freedom isn’t dictated by a job title.

Help The Whole Company Get Acquainted:
Many companies encourage interaction between employees by participating in causes and scheduling events among departments and other locations. Team members who are well acquainted trust one another and will be innovative and more productive. Organize an annual company picnic, inter-office softball game, or participate in local community events with your team regularly.

Communication Is The Key To Success:
Every good relationship requires open communication and trust. Reestablish the companies mission and values with your team regularly. This will reinforce the basis of your company culture. Team leaders should be thoughtful and interested in their employees success by communicating positive and negative aspects of their performance regularly. Offer useful insight and a strategy for growth in their position with the company. Great work culture always includes great communication among team members. The sharing of ideas, individual opinions, and acknowledgment of great work is an important ingredient for success.

Great company culture is not established overnight, it takes consistent effort and a strong leadership foundation that trickles down from the top. Be consistent with your efforts, true to your values, and great company culture will grow over time. Corporate

Coffee Systems offers office refreshment services. Visit our website or contact us today for more information (516) 371-4800 – (212) 634-4343.

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